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Major League Coach Estimates Only 50% of Big Leaguers Know the Infield Fly Rule

I recently asked a coach of a Major League, pennant-contending team to estimate how many players on his team know the nuances of the Infield Fly Rule. His answer was shocking – only 50%. Everyone knows the basic requirements for an Infield Fly: Runners on 1B and 2B or bases loaded and fewer than 2 […]

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Angels Do Not Score on a “Time Play”

The next day, the Los Angeles Angels beat the Detroit Tigers in Detroit 3-2, despite losing a run on a “Time Play” that could have been pivotal. In the top of the seventh, the Angels had Caleb Cowart on third and Mike Trout on first with one out when Albert Pujols hit a long fly […]

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The Appeal Process: Keep Continuous Action and Keep the Force Alive

I have advocated that when possible, the defensive team should make the appeal before “Time” is called. They should keep continuous action. The defensive team should go right to the base/bases, or tag the offending runner/runners when appealing. There is no reason to get the ball to the pitcher unless the ball is in dead […]

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You Can’t Dupe That Eye in the Sky

The Astros hosted the Angels on June 20. Mike Trout was batting in the top of the third with Yunel Escobar on third base, two outs and a 1-2 count. On the next Doug Fister pitch, Trout hit a slow roller up the first baseline that was fielded by Fister, who threw to Marwin Gonzalez […]

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Scioscia Protests Batter-Runner Interference Rule

Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia protested the Angels 7-5 loss to the Royals on Wednesday night in Kansas City. The protest that was denied on Thursday centered around rule 5.09 (a) (11), which covers batter-runner interference the last 45-feet between home and first base. The rule reads: A batter is out when in running the last […]

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Manager Ejection for Arguing Replay Decision

Rangers’ manager Jeff Banister was ejected on Sunday, April 26, 2016 for arguing a call that had been reversed by instant replay when the Rangers and Angels met in Anaheim. Elvis Andrus, leading off the eighth inning, hit a foul ball down the right-field line that Kole Calhoun chased to the wall but couldn’t catch. […]