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11 Rules Questions that Need Answering Now

If a manager wants to challenge multiple situations in the same play, what is the proper way to have the field umpires communicate this to the Command Center?   The manager should tell the field umpires the situations he wants challenged. It should be done in layers at the same time. Does a tag attempt […]


Rule of the Week: Ball or Strike?

Is it a ball or a strike? Only your umpire knows! A crazy strike three was recently called in a minor league game between the Hartford Yard Goats (Rockies) and Binghamton Rumble Ponies (Mets) when the pitcher, Cory Burns, stumbled during his delivery and the pitch rolled towards the first base line well away from […]

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Bunt on a Wild Pitch

When a batter is in a bunting position with his bat extended over the plate and the pitcher delivers a wild pitch nowhere near the strike zone but the batter never pulls the bat back, is it a strike on the batter? No, it is a strike on the batter only if he makes an attempt to make contact with the pitch. Sometimes the home plate umpire will need to ask a base umpire for help to determine if the batter actually attempted to make contact with the pitch.

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Dealing with the DH: Two Case Studies on Waiting

What should a manager do when he notices that the opposing lineup card does not have a DH listed? If the umpire observes the error during the lineup card exchange, he can correct the problem. If not, the manager of the team who submitted a proper lineup card needs to have patience and remain mute […]