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Drop a Knee – When Can a Fielder Block a Base?

Topics: Obstruction, Runners, tag attempt, Uncategorized

You see it all the time, a stolen base attempt, the fielder gets to the base before the runner then drops his knee, foot or leg in front of the base to keep the baserunner from touching the bag. Is this a legal play? What should coaches, players, umpires and fans know about the rule…

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What Happens When a Batter/Runner Overruns First Base on Walk?

Topics: Base, Base Awards, Baseball Myths, Batter Runner, Uncategorized

A base on balls entitles the batter to go to first base. But is the batter, now a batter/runner permitted to overrun 1B like he can if he has a base hit? This is one of the most misunderstood rules in baseball. It is time you learned it once and for all. Chris Welsh and…

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2022 Replay Review Rules

Topics: Replay Review, Rules Changes, Uncategorized

Umpires are Mic’d Up The crew chief will wear a mic this year. He will make announcements before and after the replay review on the stadium and broadcast microphone. He will explain who is requesting the review and what the review is covering. Here’s how it works: Manager challenges a call Umpire announces that the…

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Batter’s Box Rules

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The Math Behind the Stolen Base

Topics: Baseball Instruction, Catcher, Runners, Uncategorized

Numbers often tell the story in baseball. In this video, shot in 1993, Reds Bench Coach, Ray Knight details the numbers behind the stolen base. How long does it take a catcher to catch a pitch and then get the ball to 2B? How fast must a runner get to 2B to be safe 80%…

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Tropicana Field – Tampa Bay Rays

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Pro Rules: Does a Runner Have to Slide to Avoid an Interference Call?

Topics: double play, Interference, Runner Interference, Uncategorized

The July 24, 2021, the Padres-Marlins game ended with the automatic double play when a Replay Review overturned a call on the field involving an illegal running violation. In the top of the ninth the Padres trailing 3-2, had Trent Grisham on first and one out when Wil Myers, facing Yimi Garcia, hit a ground…

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Red Sox Outfielder Deflects Batted Ball Over the Wall

Topics: Base Awards, Deflected Ball, Uncategorized

The Rays and Red Sox played Game Three of the ALDS at Fenway October 10, 2021. In the top of the 13th with the score tied 4-4, the Rays had Yandy Diaz on first base and two outs when Kevin Kiermaier ripped one to deep right-center. The drive hit the wall on the fly, then…

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Did Yadier Molina Interfere by Waving his Hand?

Topics: Batter Runner, Runner Interference, Runners Lane, Uncategorized
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How Does a Runner Miss 1B and Be Ruled Safe?

Topics: Uncategorized

In the first game of the August 7, 2021, doubleheader between the Red Sox and Blue Jays, the following play created a unique situation. In the top of the sixth, the Sox had Bobby Dalbec on 2B and Jonathan Arauz on 1B with one out when Alex Verdugo hit a ground ball to Santiago Espinal….

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