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11 Rules Questions that Need Answering Now

If a manager wants to challenge multiple situations in the same play, what is the proper way to have the field umpires communicate this to the Command Center?   The manager should tell the field umpires the situations he wants challenged. It should be done in layers at the same time. Does a tag attempt […]


MLB Postseason Riddled with Rules Controversies

Why Didn’t Dusty Baker Protest Follow-Through Interference? Did Yankees Gary Sanchez Violate a Rule on the Final Out of the Game? Was that Interference on Carlos Correa that Allowed the Winning Run to Score?   Expert Rules Analysis Here CONTROVERSY #1 In the most important game played by the Nationals all year long could the […]

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Backswing & Batter Interference

Backswing and Batter Interference on Same Swing The Twins hosted the Blue Jays on May 30 when the rarity of backswing interference and true batter interference occurred on the same swing. In the bottom of the fifth, the Twins had Aaron Hicks on first when Eduardo Nunez swung and missed on a 0-1 pitch. On […]