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9 Rules Questions Answered Here

1. Infield Fly Rule situation. The bases are loaded and one out when the batter hits a pop fly near first base in fair territory. The umpires invoke the IFR. The runner on first base, who is several feet off the bag, is tracking the fly ball instead of locating the first baseman who is […]


11 Rules Questions that Need Answering Now

If a manager wants to challenge multiple situations in the same play, what is the proper way to have the field umpires communicate this to the Command Center?   The manager should tell the field umpires the situations he wants challenged. It should be done in layers at the same time. Does a tag attempt […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 7-2b

If no designated hitter [DH] is listed on the starting lineup, the pitcher is automatically the DH and is considered two players. [OBR 5.11a1: If no DH is listed, the DH is lost for that game.]

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Dealing with the DH: Two Case Studies on Waiting

What should a manager do when he notices that the opposing lineup card does not have a DH listed? If the umpire observes the error during the lineup card exchange, he can correct the problem. If not, the manager of the team who submitted a proper lineup card needs to have patience and remain mute […]

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Interpretations of the DH Rule

Athletics third baseman Danny Valencia had to leave the April 20, 2016 game against the Yankees in the fourth inning due to a strained hamstring, which left the A’s in a bit of a pickle because A’s manager Bob Melvin did not want to play first baseman Mark Canha at third base. So Melvin opted […]

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The Designated Hitter

The Designated Hitter (TOPIC) The designated hitter (“DH”) rule is most commonly associated with the American League in Major League Baseball. The rule was implemented in the AL in 1973 and allows a non-fielding hitter to bat in place of the pitcher. Some amateur baseball leagues will even allow the DH to bat in place […]