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NCAA Appendix B Rules for Scoreboards, Video and Audio

Rules for Scoreboards, Video and Audio The following regulations apply to all NCAA Baseball games, regardless of stadium or venue: A. Scoreboards and video. 1. Scoreboards (and monitors) must not be used to “show up” an umpire or visiting team members, incite the crowd, or distract a player. The following situations may not be shown:…


Rule 11.00 – 7U & 8U Kid Pitch Rules

11.01 Nine (9) defensive players shall play in the field 11.02 Balk rules shall not apply. 11.03 A batter shall be automatically out on a dropped / missed third (3rd) strike by the catcher. 11.04 Runners shall not advance when the pitcher is on the pitching rubber with the ball in his possession and the…

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The Final Question: Brennaman (Marty vs Thom) Broadcaster Rules Challenge

Topics: Hit By Pitch, Runners
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When the Umpire Messes up an Infield Fly

Topics: Infield Fly

Umpires are human so sometimes they make calls that make no sense, like calling an Infield Fly with no runner at 2B. It happens quite a bit at the amateur level and often causes chaos because no one knows what to do. Bring some sensibility and calmness to you next rules discussion by learning this…

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Over Throws from the Outfield and Base Awards

Topics: Base Awards, Dead Ball Area

When an outfielder makes a throw that goes into dead ball territory (DBT) such as the dugout or the stands, all runners are awarded two bases from the last base they touched at the moment the ball is released by the outfielder. Infield overthrows into DBT have a separate rule which I will cover in…

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Topics: Latest News, NFHS

THIS RULE APPLIES TO NFHS   NFHS POINTS OF EMPHASIS AND HOW TO FOLLOW THEM By Brady Hood   Each year NHFS compiles a list of rules for coaches and officials to emphasize during the course of the baseball season. This year there are six rules that will require extra attention. Ending a regulation game…

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Broadcaster Rules Challenge #3 Jim Deshaies, Mark Grant, Ted Barrett, Chris Welsh

Topics: Video - Broadcaster Rules Challenge
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Oops! MLB Umpire Catches Wild Pitch

Topics: Catcher, Definitions, Equipment, Interference, Latest News, Lodged Ball, Placing Runners, Placing Runners, Umpire, Umpire Interference, Uncategorized

In the July 27, 2018 Jays-White Sox game in Chicago, top of the fifth inning, Curtis Granderson was batting for the Jays with Russell Martin on third, Randal Grichuk on second, and Devon Travis on first with one out.  Sox pitcher Thyago Vieira unleashed a wild one. The ball bounced in the dirt and was…

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Andrew McCutchen Called Out of the Baseline…What?

Topics: Uncategorized

Did Andrew McCutchen go beyond the legal three feet base path to avoid this tag? You make the call. Then, read the expert analysis by Rich Marazzi on what is legal on the base paths. Expert Analysis by Rich Marazzi In the bottom of the seventh with the score tied, 4-4, the Phils had Andrew…

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